Power Flushing in Bristol

power flushing in bristolWe provide comprehensive Power Flushing in Bristol and the surrounding areas. Contact Plumbers Bristol today for a bespoke price: Prices start from £200.00

The process of Power Flushing incorporates the removal of sludge, rust and other materials from your central heating circulation. Over a period of many months, possibly years, this unwanted matter accumulates and if left untreated, can lead to other problems in the future. Sludge, grease, oil and rust will ultimately cause the performance and efficiency of your central heating to degrade. This can result in problems that are highlighted below:

  • Hot water temperature slowly reduces over time.
  • Boiler overheating / Shuts off completely.
  • The boiler or it`s components, mainly the pump, gets louder or may possibly fail.
  • Certain radiators have ceased to work or develop hot spots. For example, only the top half provides any heat.
  • The central heating system takes progressively longer to warm up.

Power Flushing, as the name suggests, entails flushing the system under high pressure to remove undesirable elements, such as sludge and rust. It does a great job in cleansing the central heating system, and results in a superior performance from your system. This can include better efficiency, which ultimately means more money saved overall.

Although Power Flushing is great for utilising on all central heating systems, they can really be good for older systems. This is especially so when a reduction in performance can be observed.

It is also a recommended idea when having a new boiler installed. Better results are guaranteed when the pipes are power flushed initially, as this will help prevent any sludge and grease etc from flowing through to your new boiler. This process will also extend the life of your boiler, ensuring maximum usage over time. We advise you power flush your central heating system once every 7 – 10 years.

Power Flushing in Bristol – Benefits

  • Protects your radiators, pipe work and boiler from unwanted materials, such as sludge and rust damaging your system.
  • Reduces your energy bills. You may use less fuel to warm your home/business.
  • Less chance of requiring repairs. If you keep your system in good condition, you will reduce the chances of requiring repairs in the future. Some repairs which may run into many hundreds of pounds. There are even cases of customers requiring a new boiler due to the cost of replacing multiple parts, which are no longer economically viable.

Power Flushing Process

Any Power Flushing in Bristol can be done by Plumbers Bristol who will attend your property with the necessary power flushing equipment. We employ high quality performance equipment, with safety in mind at all times.

Our plumber will carefully connect your central heating system to the power flushing unit and will commence the flushing. This can take up to 6-8 hours, and solely depends on the size of your system. A plumber is required to be on site whilst the whole flushing process takes place. This is to ensure proper operation of the flushing unit. Additionally, it is important for a plumber to be present in case poor pipe work in your home fails. If this happens, then this will permit us to rapidly stop the flush and rectify the issues.

Our Power Flushers in Bristol have many years of experience and are happy to guide you through the whole process.

Our Power Flushing Promises

  • A high quality of pumping unit will be used.
  • At all times, dust sheets will be placed around your home to avoid any mess.
  • Our plumbers will be happy to explain the procedures and what is involved.
  • Our plumbers will treat your home like their own.
  • A certified, trained plumber will carry out the power flushing.
  • The plumber will be on site the whole time. This is critical for safety of your home.
  • No hidden costs. The power flushing quotation we provide will be final.
  • Old-fashioned values of customer service.
  • We will be happy to show you the thick black sludge leaving your heating system if you really want to!

Contact us today for a quote and how we can help with our Power Flushing in Bristol services.



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